Thursday, August 24, 2006


Stuff that could be improved in mac vim:

  • add proxies to the title bar, call SetWindowChanged (see here for details) - gui_mch_update, gui_mch_flush. Window proxies see here: AliasHandle, SetWindowProxyAlias, IsWindowPathSelectClick, WindowPathSelect (and SetWindowModified of course)
  • improved atsui stuff (draw_string_QD/draw_string_ATSUI)
  • (more than one window per session...)
  • generate "Press Enter or enter command..." message, tab, cmd-tab: more messages are generated
  • trackpad scrolling is currently a bit jittery because left/right movement scrolls as well (so left/down movement jitters) done
  • ctrl-click for context menu, then click somewhere else - another popup is opened done (not by me)
  • (not mac specific) when a file is selected in :e . , the :pwd part should be stripped if the file is somewhere below pwd
  • pum shouldn't flicker (don't redraw too soon?)
  • use carbon events
  • use hiview
  • Vim->About should work
  • use mac os built-in spell checker :-P
  • activating left scrollbar doesn't really work
  • repainting whoes (scrollbar on/off; select new tab via drawer, :set cursorline etc)
  • :set cursorline should move highlight and cursor at the same time, currently cursor is moved, screen is redrawn, and then the line is moved (and the screen is again redrawn)
  • Fullscreen mode ;-)
  • :map <d-a-c> doesn't work (<d-s-c&gk; does work, though)
  • scrollbar thumb should be of the appropriate size
  • font selection dialog should be modeless
  • font antialiasing that works! (aquamacs is able to do it)
  • resize frame should only show allowed increments (better yet: life resizing)
  • start to resize the window, hit escape, move mouse -- vim explodes
  • drag-n-drop from/to tab drawer (cf. proxy icons as well)
  • drag-n-drop tab reordering
  • antialias doesn't work with macatsui, umlauts don't work without macatsui
  • convert the ugly dialog boxes to sheets, add better keyboard support to them (if they are left as dialog boxes, they should be moveable at least)
  • remove "Help" item from context menu
  • Use FSRefs instead of paths everywhere

other mac text editors one can look at for some inspiration ;-):


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